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Current Group Members

Cory Perkins (Faculty Research Associate)

Cory joined in P.H.Y.C. group in 2016 as a part of the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC). He is focused on developing an overarching understanding of aqueous aluminum speciation and is using computations as an ancillary tool to gain integral insights into achieving this goal. His current work involves determining optimal methods for spectroscopic computations – largely focused on 27Al NMR, a method that can be used for aluminum cluster identification.

Cory was born and raised in Salem, Oregon where he attended Douglas McKay High School. After high school, he received an athletic scholarship to Western Oregon University where he played football. In 2009, he received a B.Sc. in chemistry, with minors in mathematics and health education. After graduation, he moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma to attend graduate school at Oklahoma State University working under the guidance of Professor Allen Apblett. After graduating in 2014, Cory and his wife moved back to Oregon, accepting a postdoctoral position to work with Professor Doug Keszler in the CSMC, where his collaboration with Professor Cheong began. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, watching his nieces and nephews grow up, coaching football, and generally being outdoors.

Lindsay Wills (Ph.D. student)

Lindsay started in 2011 and has research interests in green materials chemistry. She is currently working on metal hydroxide clusters as part of the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC). She examines the thermodynamic stabilities, as well as the electronic and vibrational properties, of this class of materials.

Lindsay grew up in Albany, Oregon. As a teenager, she found passions in politics, math, and science. In college, she planned to study chemistry and political science, with aspirations to attend law school. However, she fell in love with her chemistry and physics classes and changed her career track. Lindsay graduated with her B.S. in chemistry and physics from the University of Oregon in June 2011. During her time there, she participated in a wide variety of undergraduate research opportunities. This research experience, along with passions for physical and theoretical chemistry, led her towards computational chemistry.

Lindsay is a football fanatic. She follows both NFL and NCAA football. As an Oregon native and University of Oregon alumnus, she is a faithful Ducks fan, but will also root for the Oregon State Beavers when they aren’t playing the Ducks. She also closely follows the Seattle Seahawks. In her spare time, Lindsay enjoys cooking and beer/wine tasting events.

Twitter: @willslindsay


Daniel Walden (Ph.D. student)

Daniel joined the P.H.Y.C. group in 2013.  His research interests are in elucidating mechanisms of organic and organometallic catalyzed reactions. He is also interested in fluorescence and how computational methods can predict photochemical properties of organic fluorophores. 

Daniel grew up in San Francisco until moving to the north coast for undergraduate study at Humboldt State University. Science had always been a passion of his, but it was not until his collegiate level that he knew it would be a passion for life. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys tennis, hiking, chess, and following Bay Area sports teams.


Jacob Buchanan (Ph.D. student

Jacob joined the P.H.Y.C group in 2014. His research focuses on aqueous inorganic cluster chemistry and amorphous solid state chemistry as part of the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC). He develops tools for and utilizes molecular dynamics to examine clusters in solution and local coordination environments of amorphous solids.

Jacob grew up in the small town of Naches, Washington. During his teenage years he exceled in academics, taking college coursework as a junior/senior instead of high school courses, especially focusing on chemistry, physics, and mathematics. In 2014 he graduated from Central Washington University (CWU) with a B.S. in chemistry and a B.A. in physics. During his time at CWU, he worked in three different chemistry research labs (organic, computational, and solid state) publishing papers from two of the three. His experience doing research spurred his desire to combine computational methods with organic and inorganic chemistry, ultimately leading to his place in the P.H.Y.C. group.

Jacob’s go to method to relax is playing video games or reading sci-fi/fantasy novels. Jacob and his wife Megan also spend their free time visiting with family & friends, going hiking, or staying in and watching movies together.

Alexander Brueckner (Ph.D. student)

Alex joined the P.H.Y.C. group in 2015.  His research interests include reaction mechanism elucidation, supramolecular sensor development, and streamlining the design and optimization process of novel pharmaceutical drugs.  He is currently working on predictive models for bioactivity of natural products and their synthetic derivatives.

Alex was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He attended Hanover College where he completed his B.A. degree in 2015 with a major in Chemistry and two minors; mathematics and geology.  Shortly after graduation, Alex and his wife moved to the west coast to start their lives together.  In his free time, Alex enjoys hiking, photography, and attending local car shows.

LinkedIn: Alex Brueckner


Hannah Camille Richardson (Ph.D. student)

Camille joined the P.H.Y.C group in 2015. Her research interests involve statistical modeling (including clustering and machine learning) to analyze and predict chemical trends in both organic and materials chemistry. She is currently working on identifying features that determine specific partial densities of state in amorphous IGZO, and is working to expand and simplify the process of using statistics to model linear free energy relationships.

Camille grew up in Eugene, Oregon where she spent most of her free time reading and doing ballet. Her interest in Chemistry was sparked in her high school chemistry class. She graduated from Principia College with a B.S. in Chemistry and a minor in dance. Camille was the President of the Principia ACS chapter for 2 years, and was involved in several student choreographed dance productions. Her undergraduate research experience combined with a developing interest in computer science led Camille to discover computational chemistry.

Camille has an ever-growing interest in early childhood and elementary education, and hopes become certified to teach. She enjoys hiking, running, dancing, and data analysis.


Chris Malmberg (Ph.D. student)

Chris joined the P.H.Y.C. group in 2015.


Markas Grove (Ph.D. student)

Markas joined the P.H.Y.C. group in 2016.


Mykhaylo (Michael) Yatskin (Ph.D student)

Michael joined the P.H.Y.C. group in 2016.



O. Maduka Ogba 2016 Ph.D. Pomona College
Kevin Snyder 2016 M.S. Montrose High School
Ryne Johnston 2015 Ph.D. Schrödinger
Thomas J. Mustard 2015 Ph.D. Schrödinger
Ommidala Pattawong 2015 Ph.D. Willamette University
Benjamin Hanken 2015 Post-Doc Ideum
I-Ya Chang 2013 Post-Doc Kyoto University
Matthew Pierce 2011 M.S. Independent Chemistry Tutor